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ScotlandIS Research Reports

Providing members and policy makers with accurate up to date information, our research and policy capability gathers data on the size and shape of the digital industry, and investigates key markets.

Salary Survey

This report seeks to provide a baseline for salary levels across a range of key job types, along with information on the non-financial benefits companies are offering. The aim is to help our members benchmark salary levels within their companies and improve the ability to attract new staff in an increasingly competitive market.

The information on salaries and non-financial benefits presented in this report is based on a survey of our members and the wider industry, supplemented by data provided by a number of leading recruitment companies which are members of ScotlandIS.

Skills Research

Research confirms that Scotland’s tech industry is one of the fastest growing in the country, contributing £4.9bn to the Scottish economy and supporting almost 100,000 jobs. 

The Skills Development Scotland report also forecasts that the tech sector will be the second fastest growing in Scotland between now and 2029, beaten only by childcare services, and is expected to grow one and half times faster than the economy overall. 

Brexit Research

The outcome of the EU referendum in June 2016 has caused major uncertainty for Scotland’s digital technologies industry. In this section of our website, we will provide you with a regular update on Brexit news, associated regulatory and legal issues and what they could mean for Scotland’s digital technologies industry. You will find research, surveys and articles collated by Research and Policy Manager Svea Miesch. We hope this will provide some of the evidence you need to support your business decisions during this period of uncertainty and change.

Research with BT, SCDI and RSE

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