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A Scottish Showcase at the International Cyber Expo 2023 

In this blog from Head of Cyber, Beverly Bowles, she rounds up the couple of days spent at ICE London, at which we supported six innovative Scottish cyber businesses in attending, exhibiting and pitching.

At the International Cyber Expo London on 26th and 27th September, I had the privilege of representing ScotlandIS alongside my colleague David Ferguson. Thanks to the support of Scottish Enterprise, ScotlandIS were able to showcase the cutting-edge innovations of six Scottish cyber product companies: Cybershell Solutions, SafeShark, Highground, Cybernitics, Lupovis, and Lasting Asset.

Day One 

The expo kicked off with the exhibition hall buzzing with energy and interest. Our pavilion was in the perfect spot to draw attention from those keen to understand what was happening in cybersecurity in Scotland. It was good to see a robust turnout and we had consistently steady foot traffic throughout the event. The attendees’ active presence contributed to a productive and engaged atmosphere, facilitating valuable networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. The high attendee rate emphasised the significance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape, reaffirming its position as a paramount concern for individuals and organisations. 

We also had the pleasure of connecting with the UKC3 team, the driving force behind the UK’s cyber clusters, and to hear Linda Smith’s launch of the UKC3 Cyber Strategy that set the tone for a day of exploration and collaboration. 

It was wonderful to see that our Scottish contingent was not alone. Among the familiar faces were representatives from Blackwired, Quorum Cyber, ID Cyber Solutions and VistalWorks – all members of the ScotlandIS cyber cluster. Seeing Scotland represented in such a prestigious setting in such a big way was truly heartening. 

Day Two 

Another busy day on the stands, but our six Scottish companies also took to the Tech Hub Stage, delivering compelling presentations to a diverse audience eager to hear about the latest innovations in cybersecurity. The presentations were not merely showcases; they were demonstrations of the ingenuity and excellence emerging from Scotland’s cybersecurity landscape.  

The audience was a mix of industry experts, enthusiasts, and potential collaborators, investors and customers, who gained a wealth of insight from our Scottish representatives. 

Post-presentation, there were in-depth conversations and connections at the pavilion paving the way for future opportunities. 

A Proud Moment for Scottish Cybersecurity 

Being part of the International Cyber Expo 2023 was more than just highlighting products; it was a testament to Scotland’s leadership in the field of cybersecurity. Funded by Scottish Enterprise, our pavilion became a hub of innovation, where our companies (learn more about them below) were able to display their prowess. 

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape it is clear that Scotland is well on its way to being recognised as a global leader in shaping the future of digital security.  

Meet our 2023 Exhibiting Companies

CyberShell Solutions

CEO: Tayyaba Nafees

The Edinburgh-based company offers a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to detect vulnerabilities, minimise attacks and empower developers to understand cyber vulnerabilities.

CEO: Mark Lamb

Perthshire startup’s unified platform integrates seamlessly with your existing security tools, making cyber simple, visible, and efficient.


CEO: Silvio Carinhas

Cybernitics’ COSGrid MicroZAccess is a Zero Trust Network Access and Secure Services Edge solution that enables secure and controlled access to an organisation’s network, applications, and resources. Based in Glasgow.


CEO: Xavier Bellekens

Glasgow cyber firm, Lupovis, provides proactive security by deploying deception assets inside and outside your network, leading to a strengthened security posture, advanced threat intelligence, and high-fidelity alerts when breached.


Co-Director: Jonathan Marshall

Stirling HQ’d SafeShark offers Automated Cyber Security Testing to confirm products are continuously conformant with new laws, dramatically shrinking test time, resources, and cost for manufacturers.


Co-Founder: Zakwan Jaroucheh

Edinburgh LastingAsset ensures that your customers know precisely who’s calling, bolstering your company’s reputation and their trust in your communications.

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